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Uniting Europe to

shape the real estate of the future

Organized in Paris, from November 18 to 23, 2024


Conference theme: The future of real estate and housing. New possibilities and technologies for the housing revolution.

An exclusive conference that brings together the main players in the European real estate sector in Paris to explore and debate past, present and future trends in the industry. A unique opportunity to exchange visions and innovative practices on how history will influence the future of the real estate sector.


our conference

Through interventions and discussions, companies can gain in-depth knowledge of current and future market dynamics, including growth opportunities in emerging markets and sustainability challenges.

The conference highlights how technological innovation, such as artificial intelligence and big data, is revolutionizing the industry. Companies can leverage this information to improve their operations and competitive strategies.

Market knowledge & Innovation and technology

benefits for real estate companies

Attending the conference provides businesses with the opportunity to network with other industry professionals, creating a network of contacts that can lead to future business and collaborations.

Discussion of real estate regulations and policies provides businesses with crucial updates that can influence their business decisions and compliance strategies.

Networking & Regulatory Updates

benefits for real estate companies

Understanding the future of work and its impact on the commercial real estate market helps businesses plan and adapt to long-term changes in space needs and work patterns.

The conference highlights the importance of sustainability and encourages businesses to consider environmentally friendly development and management practices.

Long-term vision & Sustainability and social responsibility

benefits for real estate companies

Intervention themes


Smart homes and automation

Explore the latest advancements in smart home technology, including AI-driven automation, IoT integration, and sustainable smart systems.


Green building

Sustainable practices for urban development

This panel focuses on sustainable development practices and the integration of green technologies in urban environments.


The rise of shared accommodation and flexible housing

Changing demographics and lifestyles are shaping new housing models such as co-living spaces. This discussion will include architects, urban planners and community managers who are innovating in the area of flexible housing that meets mobility needs.


Virtual reality and augmented reality in real estate

Discover how VR and AR are transforming the real estate market, from property presentation to the design of urban spaces. Real estate agents, app developers and urban designers discuss current uses.


Regulatory frameworks and innovation in housing

Examine the impact of regulatory environments on housing innovation. This panel brings together policymakers, legal experts and entrepreneurs to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by current regulations.

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